Keep your nails trimmed and looking freshly manicured with SensClipper, the smarter nail clipper.

Complete with an adjustable, ergonomic grip, this smart clipper makes it quick and easy to cut your nails to your exact desired length and maintain equal length for all your nails. The built in skin guard prevents clipping nails too short, as well as protects your skin. This smart design also stops nail clippings from flying across the room, saving you time on cleaning up. Save time, effort, and your skin with this ingenious, upgraded nail clipper. Watch this video on how to use SensClipper.

More safety

The skin guard prevents clipping nails too short or even clipping into the skin. Clipping nails too low can be painful, particularly toe nails as it can cause ingrown nails.

Ergonomic grip

The ergonomic design prevents the SensClipper slipping out of your hand. The extra grip also helps people that have a reduced hand function.

Adjustable grip to set length

The extendable grip allows you to cut nails efficiently to your desired length. The shape of the skin guard guarantee’s your nails are clipped in an even line, reducing shattering and the need for endless filing.

Prevents nail clippings flying

The unique design prevents nail clippings flying across the room, instead being collected inside the grip which are simply removed by sliding it forward.

Perfect for clipping children

Clipping children’s nails can be nerve wracking. The SensClipper Kids makes this job easier, because of the skin guard and the control provided by the extended grip and upper handle.


Safely learn to cut nails

Older children will also benefit from the SensClipper, since fine motor skills usually develop around the age of 10. The SensClipper helps children to clip their own nails, safely and with confidence.


Clipping others

The safety, extra grip and control aspect are also beneficial for those who care for others.


Perfect length every time

Ever tried to clip nails to an equal length with the outdated nail clipper? Clipping one nail too short and having to start all over again, ending up with much shorter nails than you would like… Sound familiar? Never again! Set the SensClipper simply and quickly to the desired length and clip!


Currently we have 2 models available:


This model is has been designed for clipping finger nails. The skin guard is slightly rounded, so that the fingertip fits nicely into the shape of the skin guard. The clipper itself is around 3,8 inches long and made out of carbon steel. The grip is made out of nylon with a 20% glass fill. The glass file is made out of stainless steel.


This model has been optimized to clip toe nails as well. The skin guard shape is more flat, making it easier to also cut the edges of the nail. The clipper itself is around 4,11 inches long and made out of carbon steel. The grip is made out of nylon with a 20% glass fill. The glass file is made out of stainless steel.

Where to buy

SensClipper is sold B2B and online:


USA: and Ebay

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About us

Sens Products is a Dutch startup that create smart, innovative products that aim to offer you more comfort, control and convenience whilst also reducing time in your daily routine. We do this by improving existing solutions with new, better functions. New products are currently under development.


SensClipper is a registered trademark of and product developed by Sens Products B.V., Oosteindseweg 22a, 2661 ED  Bergschenhoek, The Netherlands.

For more information and enquiries you can contact us by e-mail: info at sensclipper dot com or phone 0031 6 23104939

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